Hard Drive Data Recovery

We are the global leader in hard drive data recovery. As both home users and businesses rely on us to recover lost data. Specifically from failed internal hard drives. As well as, external hard drives and USB thumb drives. And that is for Mac or PC. Even if it cannot be accessed by normal methods. Because our data recovery specialists constantly recover data from hard drives. Even those that other service providers have deemed irrecoverable. And in a fraction of the time.

Therefore we assist with any deleted or missing files. Also photos on your hard drive. As well as, USB thumb drives. As it can easily be recovered with our exceptional hard drive data recovery tools. So before you start to panic, remember that hard drive recovery is routine for our professionals. And we use the best technology. As well as, uncomplicated solutions at a reasonable price.

Hard Disk Recovery Services

Sherlock Data Recovery Services is an industry leader in hard drive data recovery. And with state-of-the-art equipment. As well as, highly trained specialists with more than 15 years of experience. Therefore, we can recover data from any type of hard drive. And we are confident in our ability to recover files. And that is from any type of failed hard drive. Also we deliver your data to you on a brand new destination drive.
We can recover data from all hard drives. Even in the most difficult situations. For instance, physical or logical damages. And we are specialists in performing hard drive data recovery. Even with issues. Namely: Clicking or dead heads. As well as, torn heads or scratches. Also, stuck motors, platter damage, or accidental file deletion. In the same way, we assist with formatted hard drives or any physical damages.

Hard Disk Drive Recovery

We've Got Your Hard Drive Recovered

We understand encryption and how to hard drive data recovery works. As we are trained. And we are certified by the leading encryption software vendors. As to safely recover files from hard drives. And we can recover data from encrypted hardware. As well as, software, email, network files, and web pages. Also we assist with hard disk storage and backup devices. And all that without conceding the original level of encryption. And we customize security protocols.

Firstly, image-only. As data is recovered and restored in an image-only format. Thereafter, it is returned to the system. And this with the original encryption intact. So you decrypt the data yourself.

Secondly, full decryption. As encrypted data is recovered. And then it is decrypted by our specialists. As to verify the integrity of the data. Thereafter, it is returned to you encrypted or fully decrypted.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Signs your hard drive is failing

In all of these instances, contacting a hard drive recovery service is your best option. As to recover lost data. And prevent further damage. However, in professional hands, it’s almost always possible do hard drive data recovery. Therefore, simply power down your machine. And send it in for evaluation. So the signs of hard drive failure. Namely:

   Clicking or grinding sounds.

   Error messages.

   Prompts to format the disk.

   Slow booting.

   Corrupted or missing files.

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Featured Hard drive Data Recovery Services

Our technology allows us to perform hard drive data recovery of all types. Even when there is physical damage. And there are some of the types of hard drives that we can recover from. Namely:

   Desktop Data Recovery

   Laptop Data Recovery

   External Hard Drive

   Internal Hard Drive

All hard drives are treated in the same way. And our hard drive data recovery specialists follow strict security protocols. As to protect the data from unauthorized access. And when it comes to recovering data from hard drives, we maintain the highest overall success rate!

What about free Hard Drive Recovery Software?

You probably Googled hard drive data recovery to get here. Therefore, you almost certainly noticed some free software. As it claims to do the job for you. However, if your data is not that important to your business, then it might be worth a shot. But, it really is not a good idea. And you must prepare yourself for something to go wrong.

So here’s what you need to know. Firstly, if any kind of physical hardware damage is involved free data recovery software will not help you. In fact, it will worsen the situation. Secondly, if the hard drive is in the process of failing, shut it down. Finally, you are taking a big risk. Because installing software, changing or adding files to the hard drive will make the recovery more difficult. So if your data is valuable to you then it is not worth the risk.